Pinterest Opens Business Insights API to Select Developers

Pinterest Opens Business Insights API to Select DevelopersPinterest may not be the first platform of choice for B2B marketers, but as the photo-sharing social network grows to an expected 40 million monthly users in the U.S., so do the opportunities to reach a new audience, nurture existing leads and improve brand awareness.

Officially announcing its Business Insights API last week, Pinterest has given a select group of third-party developers access to users’ public activity in order to help businesses learn more about their customers, discover what type of content best fosters engagement and which actions will take users “downstream.”

Visual platforms like Pinterest and Instagram are mostly used by B2C companies, but research published last week by Statista shows that 41 percent of B2B marketers are now taking advantage of Pinterest, which is known for driving more referral traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

B2B companies can take advantage of different boards, tailoring each one to a specific audience. Image posts can include attractive infographics, or photos from recent blog posts, current clients, portfolios, events, or sights from around the city if looking to attract local clientele; marketers can even have a board illustrating company culture to help attract talent. Pins can be in the form of videos showing products or tutorials and Slideshare slideshows as well.

Curalate, Hootsuite, Percolate, Piqora, Salesforce, Spredfast and Tailwind are the first round of marketing tools with access to the API, at no charge to them (though the apps themselves have a range of free to paid services). Pinterest has its own free analytics available to users, however the blog post notes that the third-party tools can provide, and are encouraged to build, much deeper insights like conversion tracking that can be more valuable to marketers.

At the time of the announcement, Pinterest said it is not currently accepting additional developer partners.

The API reveal came five days after the platform raised $200 million in funding, part of which will go towards further development of its ad program.

“Ad executives predict the company will eventually open up another API that will allow third-party technology providers to place ads on its service on behalf of marketers,” reported the Wall Street Journal.

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