Promoted Video on Twitter May Help B2B Marketers Boost Engagement

TwitterOn Aug. 12, Twitter announced on its blog that it will be launching a beta test of Promoted Video, a new program that allows marketers to stream videos onto users’ timelines. David Regan, the author of the blog post, wrote that promoted video tests have shown better engagement from users.

“Promoted Video builds upon the Twitter Amplify program, and brings a new set of video tools to high-quality content producers,” writes Regan. “By using Promoted Video, it’s easy for brands to upload and distribute video on Twitter, and to measure the reach and effectiveness of this content.”

Marketers who participate in the program will only be charged on a Click-Per-View basis. Twitter users need to click on a video in order for it to start playing. The Promoted Video program offers marketers a wide range of analytics, including completion percentage and a breakout of organic versus paid video views.

“Video is an incredible storytelling medium and we’re thrilled to be giving brands, publishers and a subset of verified users the ability to share organic and Promoted Video on Twitter,” Regan continues.

Marketers have already been moving toward video to reach out to potential prospects. According to an article in Inc magazine, 92 percent of B2B customers watch online video, and 43 percent do so in order to educate themselves prior to making a purchase. And as of 2012, approximately 57 percent of marketers claim that they are increasing their spending on video, according to a study published by Nielsen.

Additionally, online videos can be another important B2B marketing tool at a time when the Internet continues to introduce new channels in to the buying process, as Gartner observed in a study last year. With more channels competing for B2B buyers’ interest, high-quality video could help key buyers make a more informed decision.

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