Marketing Emails Sent on Thursdays Showed Highest Engagement Rate in Q2 2016

Email marketing professionals have long debated the best time to send messages to customers, and a new report shows that Thursday may be the best day to do so.

The “Q2 Benchmarks: Day of the Week Email Performance” report from Yesmail discovered that emails sent on Thursday had the highest engagement rate in the second quarter of 2016.


Overall, open rates for emails sent on Thursdays were 14 percent higher than the second quarter average, and their unique click rates were 41 percent above the average. Thursday emails in Q2 2016 also had CTO rates that were 24 percent above average. The authors of the publication noted that 20 percent of all email campaigns in this quarter were sent out on a Thursday.

However, Saturday was a critical day for email marketers as well, according to the report. In terms of conversion, Saturday emails generated 60 percent higher than average conversion rates in the second quarter.

Timing Remains Critical in Marketing

Timing is key for marketers looking to promote engagements during the week, such as webinars. In fact, the “2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report” from BrightTALK revealed that Monday and Tuesday are the best days to promote webinars. The authors of the report noted that the timing of hosting the webinars themselves is also critical.

“For marketers looking to maximize their live audience conversion rates, try to plan your webinars on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to avoid the peak presentation day,” the authors noted in the publication.

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