Reeder App Could Satisfy Google Reader User Needs Come July

reederAs B2B marketers anticipate the July disappearance of the popular RRS feed, Google Reader, they may find a suitable replacement with Apple’s recently updated Reeder app. Apple Insider reported that the updated app will now allow users to use Reeder as a standalone RSS for staying up-to-date with the most popular and current news.

B2B marketers who use Google Reader on a daily basis for the most recent news and trending topics will soon be forced to find a new means of information acquisition. In fact, according to Reeder developer Silvio Rizzi, the latest updates are “part of an ongoing effort to break reliance on the soon to be defunct Google service.” While many other sites are working to develop an RSS feed similar to Google Reader, Reeder’s new standalone feature, along with its accessibility as an app and compatibility with synching outside lists, could make it the most effective option.

Prior to this update, Reeder required users to have an account with Google Reader or Feedbin, but the new standalone feature allows users to curate RSS feeds directly on an Apple device without a third-party RSS account.  Users that rely on an RSS from a provider other than Google Reader can continue synching those accounts to the Reeder app and access those lists in addition to the Reeder lists.

For the time being, users can import their Google Reader lists onto Reeder until it becomes obsolete in July. Reeder intends to continue updating in the coming months to fix any bugs that arise within the new standalone capabilities.


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