Report: 40% of Marketers Using AI are Seeing Heightened Sales and Marketing Performance

Marketers still face several barriers when it comes to adopting artificial intelligence (AI), but those who have implemented this tool are seeing a large amount of success, according to new research.

DemandBase recently conducted a survey to gauge how marketers are integrating AI into their overall strategies. Statistics showed that only 18 percent of marketers are currently using AI. However, of those who use it, more than 40 percent say that AI is the, or one of the, most important investments to achieve better sales and marketing performance. Almost one-third of these individuals said that AI is revolutionizing marketing and sales performance.

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“We’re still in the early days of AI for B2B marketing and sales, and there is a great deal of education that is needed to close the gap between implementation and expectations,” said Peter Isaacson, CMO at Demandbase. “It’s exciting to see the optimism that exists in the B2B marketing community. As early adopters continue to have success, AI adoption will continue to accelerate, and AI solutions will become table stakes for all marketing and sales teams.”

Marketers Remain Hesitant to Launch AI-Driven Projects

AI continues to be a valuable asset for marketers who have adopted it, but previous research suggests that many are still hesitant to turn to it to achieve their strategic goals.

The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) and Forrester Research recently published a report titled the “Global Digital Outlook” report for 2018-19, and statistics showed that AI technology and initiatives related to AI-driven digital experiences have been at the top of marketers’ minds for the past 12 months.

That being said, just 16 percent of marketers said they are actively working on AI-related projects. Furthermore, 27 percent have no plans to utilize AI in 2019.

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