Report: 45% of Marketers Now Say More than Half of Campaigns are Content-Driven

Many marketers have already seen the benefits of utilizing content as a part of their strategies, and new research shows that they will continue to integrate it into their work in the near future.

World Media Group recently published “The Future of Global Content-led Marketing” report, and statistics showed that 45% of marketers claim that more than half of the campaigns they work on are now content-driven. A total of 78% of marketers believe that the investment in content marketing will grow over the next two years.


Interestingly, video may lead the way in terms of content as time goes on, according to the report. When asked what type of content they will likely use more over the next 12 months, 69.3% of marketers cited short-form videos. This was followed by editorial-style content (57.9%) and social media posts (55.7%).

Video Marketing Budgets May Increase in 2020

This is not the first research to suggest that video may become more mainstream among content marketers.

The “2019 State of Digital Video” report published by Pixability showed that the majority of companies are now willing to boost their marketing team’s video budgets by 1-10%, giving them more flexibility in terms of production. About 20% of organizations state that they might increase this budget by more than 10% in the New Year.

Facebook leads the way in terms of platforms that marketers use to post video content, with 90% saying they run video campaigns via this channel.

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