Report: 47% of Marketers Say their Data is “Siloed and Difficult to Access”

Although marketers have an abundance of data at their fingertips, new research suggests that they are still having trouble leveraging it and integrating it into their strategies.

Arm Treasure Data recently published the “State of the Customer Journey 2019” report, and statistics showed that silos, in particular, were hurting marketers looking to leverage data – 47 percent of marketers stated that their information is siloed and difficult to access. This makes it challenging to get an accurate, integrated view of the customer journey.


That being said, the customer journey is also becoming more complicated, according to the statistics. For example, 61 percent of customers said that they typically engage with a brand three or more times before making a final purchase. For 15 percent of customers, the number of touchpoints prior to purchase is 11 or more.

Despite this complexity, only 28 percent of marketers use a multi-touch attribution strategy to create an accurate customer journey map and identify all the right brand touchpoints.

Marketers, Data Issues, and the Customer Experience

The complications surrounding data are not the only issues marketers are facing – previous statistics show that the data itself is often problematic.

Experian recently published the “2019 Global Data Management Research: Taking Control in the Digital Age” report, and the research showed that poor data quality is holding back approximately 30 percent of marketers from delivering an excellent customer experience.

Thirty percent of respondents also said that legacy systems, or a lack of new technology, is proving to be problematic.

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