Report: 69% of Marketers Use Social Media to Develop More Brand Awareness

Although social media marketing is still challenging for some marketers, new research suggests that it continues to help businesses grow brand awareness.

Influencer Marketing Hub recently released its “Social Media Benchmark Report 2021,” and statistics showed that the majority of marketers (69%) use social media to develop more brand awareness. In addition, 52% use it to increase web traffic, while 44% leverage it to promote content. Only 40% of respondents said that driving sales was the primary purpose of their social media marketing strategy.

In terms of important factors that impact marketers’ approach to social media marketing, performance-to-date (59%) tops the list. This is followed by social goals and objectives (57%), customer feedback (52%) and trending topics and interests (45%).

The Importance of Social Media Marketing

In terms of tactics that are growing in importance among marketers, previous research suggests that social is at the top of the list.

S2 published its “S2 Research Marketing Decision Makers & Marketing Firm Relationships Survey,” and respondents were asked to rank how important they perceive seven common marketing tactics to be, ranging from copywriting and design to public relationships. At the top of the list (5.3) was digital marketing and social media.

Direct marketing and sales (4.6), copywriting and design (4.1) and public relations (3.1) were also on the list. At the bottom of the list were media planning and buying (2.9) and grassroots and event marketing (2.8).

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