Report: 7 out of 10 Customers Want Marketers to Personalize Content for Them

As marketers look for more ways to resonate with their target audience, new research suggests that content personalization may be the key to achieving their goal. More importantly, customers appear to be willing to provide more information to receive personalized marketing content.

Signal recently published “The Quest for the Perfect Identity-Driven Marketer” report and discovered that seven out of 10 customers prefer content and ads that is tailored to their personal interests. About 43 percent claim that their desire for personalization has grown in the last year alone.

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To receive more personalized content, 80 percent of customers report a willingness to share product category preferences with brands. Seventy-two percent of customers are willing to share their email address, and 65 percent have provided brands with product preferences in the past in order to receive tailored recommendations.

“Personalization – delivering messaging that is individualized, contextually relevant and consistent across channels, platforms and devices, all in real time – has emerged as a silver bullet to close the gap between what organizations need to succeed and how consumers want to be engaged,” wrote the authors of the report.

Marketers Shift Their Focus Toward Content Personalization

With this in mind, previous research has indicated that marketers have already been thinking about ways to personalize content to appeal to prospects and existing customers.

Widen conducted the “2018 Connectivity Report” and discovered that for about 28 percent of marketers, personalizing the customer experience is what their company is most focused on in 2018.

To achieve their personalization goals, most marketers (72.72 percent) said that the use of data and analytics for smarter targeting is helping their cause. This was followed by having a dedicated team (66.67 percent) and marketing automation campaigns (57.58 percent).

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