84% of B2B Marketers Consider Analytics to be Very Important to Success

As B2B marketers gain more access to analytics tools and data, they are becoming more comfortable with tracking ROI and the positive impact seems to be showing up across the industry.

The “2016 State of B2B Marketing Metrics and Analytics” report from Regalix has found that 84 percent of B2B marketers consider analytics to be “very important” to marketing success.

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About 82 percent said that their company currently invests in marketing analytics. Additionally, 28 percent of B2B marketers who invest say they are able to leverage their data “very effectively” to gauge performance.

The findings also indicate that B2B marketers are improving their skills when it comes to analytics. Approximately 86 percent say they are “very” or “somewhat” successful at measuring the ROI of their analytics investments, up from 75 percent a year ago. Additionally, 68 percent claim that analytics helps with allocating marketing budget more effectively.

The majority of B2B marketers (79 percent) state that identifying marketing channels that provide the most ROI is the primary benefit of utilizing analytics.

Marketers are Using a Wide Range of Analytics Tools

Marketers are using a wide range of analytics tools, and they view them as critical to their success, according to previous research.

The “2016 State of Analytics” report from Amplitude discovered that 86 percent consider analytics to be “extremely important” in driving business decisions. Sixty percent stated that they use two or more analytics tools at the same time.

However, 73 percent of marketers said they would like to learn how to increase engagement or retention through their use of analytics. Additionally, 50 percent want to know which resources their competitors are using.

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