Report: 89% of Marketers State Location-Based Data Has Boosted Sales

Marketers have a wide array of data at their fingertips, and new research shows that their use of location-based information is helping them generate positive results.

Factual and Lawless Research recently published the “2019 Location-Based Marketing Report,” and statistics suggested that utilizing location data increases the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns. About 89 percent of marketers said it has increased sales, while 86 percent stated that it has grown their customer base. Approximately 84 percent believe that using location-based data has engaged customers.

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Within the next 12 months, the use of location data is projected to increase from 84 percent to 94 percent among marketers – their top use for it will be targeting. Currently, marketers’ top use for their location data in their campaigns is targeting, with the majority of respondents (67 percent) citing this utility in the report.

Marketers Reap the Benefits of Location-Based Data

Back in 2018, Factual and Lawless Research conducted the same report, and statistics indicated that marketers were already seeing benefits from using location-based data.

In the “2018 Location-Based Marketing Report,” results showed that 83 percent of marketers who use location data generally see higher response rates, while the same percentage see additional customer engagement. About 85 percent of marketers who said they were using this type of data at the time claimed that they achieved growth in their overall customer base.

Nearly 91 percent of marketers also said they were able to increase their understanding of audiences with location-based data, and 87 percent created a positive customer experience.

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