Report: 91% of B2B Companies Use Content Marketing to Gain Customers

businessman hand writing text we love our customersApproximately 91 percent of B2B companies say that their primary objective for content marketing is to acquire new customers, according to a report released by Starfleet Media titled, “The 2014 Benchmark Report on B2B Content Marketing and Lead Generation.”

A total of 261 people participated in this study. They held roles such as Marketing Vice President, Marketing Director and Marketing Manager. About 71 percent of respondents were from North America, while 23 percent were from Europe.

Nearly 89 percent of respondents said that their primary objective for investing in content marketing was to generate more leads. About 93 percent said that they wanted to increase brand visibility, while 86 percent wanted to generate better leads.

However, 35 percent of those who were surveyed said that they have “not been successful” at achieving their goal.

Despite these numbers, 63 percent of marketers say that they will allocate a larger portion of their marketing budget toward content marketing over the next six months.

Customer Acquisition Continues to Trump Retention

A study conducted by Forbes Insight found that 94 percent of senior executives believe that their companies are focused on keeping customers for life, indicating that retention is a priority. However, 49 percent said that they are “unhappy” with their marketing technology’s ability to keep customers for life.

The report, titled “Customers for Life: Technology Strategies for Attracting and Keeping Customers,” looks at responses from 312 senior executives from across North America.

About 38 percent of respondents claimed that they primarily focus on repeat customers for revenue, while 49 percent said that they are still focused on new customers.

“Companies recognize the importance of keeping customers for life but are still focusing more on new customer acquisition for revenue growth and marketing priorities,” wrote the authors of the report. “While acquisition will necessarily always play a part in any organization’s growth, the number of companies still prioritizing it over retention indicates too many don’t yet understand how to focus retention efforts.”

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