Report: 93% of B2B Marketers Say Personalizing Content Has Boosted Company Revenue

While many B2B marketers are still on the hunt for new ways to resonate with their target audience, new research shows that several have turned to content personalization, and it’s boosting their company revenue.

Episerver recently conducted the “2020 B2B Digital Experience Report,” and statistics showed that the majority of all B2B marketers (93%) say that personalizing content has increased their organization’s revenue over time. Just seven percent of respondents disagreed with the statement.


The B2B marketers who are not currently personalizing content on their websites say that the primary reason (42%) is because “customers value their privacy.”

“We know there is a dynamic line between personalization and privacy but B2B leaders indicate they are not concerned about the misuse of their data but rather prefer the convenience of it all,” wrote the authors of the report. “Convenience is a common theme for B2B expectations.”

Creating a More ‘Customer-Centric’ Marketing Approach

Despite some of the hurdles that are still associated with personalization, previous research suggests that overall, marketers are still looking for ways to help their companies become more “customer-centric.”

UserTesting published its “2020 CX Industry Report,” and data suggested that most marketers (60%) agree that their organization is now customer-centric, with 55% stating that their company is constantly working toward creating a better customer experience.

Approximately 74% claimed that their organization shares values and beliefs for driving a customer-centric culture. However, only 50% of marketers said that the process of gathering customer feedback was integrated into their company processes, showing that there is still room for improvement.

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