Report: B2B Companies Remain Committed to Inbound Marketing in 2014

Boosting BudgetThe annual “State of Inbound” report, released by HubSpot, has revealed that 74% of B2B companies have increased or kept their inbound marketing budget the same this year.

HubSpot conducted its research between June 25 and July 15 of this year, analyzing survey responses from 3,570 people to compile its final product.

HubSpot researchers attempted to determine why companies were encouraged to increase their budgets for inbound marketing purposes. They looked at the economy, a change in management, post success and post failure as potential reasons for the change. Slightly more than 50% of higher inbound marketing budgets were the result of post success through inbound marketing, while close to 30% said that a change in management encouraged the bump in budget.

The report also showed that nearly 30% of respondents put between $100,001 to $500,000 into their inbound marketing budget each year. Less than 20% of companies said that they put the same amount of money toward outbound marketing efforts.

“As annual marketing budgets approach $100,000, the balance of attention begins to flip from outbound to inbound practices,” wrote the authors of the study. “The larger the budget, and by extension the company, the more budget tilts in the favor of inbound marketers.”

Website Content for Engagement

Demand Metrics has released an infographic that shows approximately 80% of people believe that custom content should be central to marketing work. About 37% think that content-led websites are critical to engaging customers. Additionally, inbound leads cost companies 60% less than outbound leads, according to Search Engine Journal.

In terms of company websites, about 59% of B2B marketers believe that their blogs are their most valuable channel, and they may not be far from the truth. Small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads, according to an infographic produced by Social Media Today, and companies that have blogs receive 97% more inbound links.

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