Report: B2B Content Consumption Rises Amid the Absence of In-Person Events

As B2B marketers continue to produce a wide array of content, new research indicates that the consumption of B2B content has steadily risen over the past year.

NetLine recently published its “2022 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers,” and statistics suggested that overall B2B content marketing consumption has increased more than 9% over the past year. Among the most requested types of B2B content were eBooks (43.28%), guides (8.84%), and cheat sheets (8.74%).

“With the absence of in-person events and other collegial connections in the real world, professionals have sought out new ways to replace both these interactions and these learnings,” wrote the authors of the report. “Given this context, it makes a great deal of sense why more and more content is being requested. We are only at the beginning of how this will play out for B2B content marketers.”

On average, it took professionals 33.3 hours to consume the B2B content they requested last year. The overall increase in time it took to consume additional content accelerated by 19%.

The Surge in Marketing Content Creation

With marketers focused on content creation, previous research has suggested that many of them have been producing more to meet the demands of customers and prospects. conducted its “Content Matters Report 2022,” and data indicated that over the past year, the majority of marketers (66%) have created more content, and 48% still want “a bit more” than they currently have.

About 21% have developed at least “the same” amount of content over the past year, and 32% want “twice as much” content than they currently have at their disposal, if not more. However, most marketers (79%) only have between 1 and 10 people dedicated to content creation at their organization.

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