Report: B2B Marketers are Now Focused on Communicating their Purpose to Buyers

B2B businesses have not always been clear about their purpose with prospects and customers. However, new research shows that their marketing and sales teams are now trying to communicate this more effectively.

The ANA, the Harris Poll, and Carol Cone ON PURPOSE recently published “The B2B Purpose Paradox” report, and statistics show that 57% of B2B companies are now more focused on purpose than they were three years ago, while 93% are somewhere on the purpose journey. Approximately 42% are early in the purpose journey, from discussing purpose internally to assigning teams to develop it.

“Purpose” was defined by the publishers as the companies’ reason for being — beyond profits — that guides its business growth and impact on society. The “purpose journey” was considered to be the journey that companies embark on to give clarity to their reason for being.


Three-quarters of B2B marketers and sales teams say that they now discuss purpose in external talks with B2B buyers, and 73% claim that purpose motivates sales professionals in general.

In total, 88% of decision-makers said that they think it is important for companies to lay out their vision or purpose.

Marketers Remain Focused on the Customer Experience

Sharing purpose and vision aren’t marketers’ only digital marketing goals. As they look to provide a better overall customer experience, previous research indicates that marketers are focused on personalization as well.

Adobe conducted the “2020 Digital Trends” report, and data suggested that 25% of customer experience (CX) leaders and 23% of mainstream marketers will be focused on targeting and personalization in the coming months. Approximately 20% of CX leaders and 27% of mainstream marketers also noted that customer journey management will be a main priority for their company in 2020.

About 36% of CX leaders say they have already incorporated delivering personalized experiences in real-time into their business.

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