Report: B2B Marketers Strategizing to Overcome Google Algorithm Changes

As Google continues to make changes to its algorithm, new research indicates that B2B marketers are seeing a negative impact on everything from page views to overall revenue.

UpCity recently released the results of a survey aimed at determining how digital marketers are being impacted by Google updates, and statistics suggested that 26% of B2B digital marketers have seen a drop in revenue as a direct result. About 21% have experienced a loss of customers, and 24% claim that they are seeing fewer new customers than before.

However, many B2B digital marketers are developing solutions to rebound from these challenges. Approximately 15% state that they are now developing new content marketing, while 13% are targeting new keywords. Nearly 13% are also working on sending out more targeted email marketing campaigns.

The Struggle to Leverage Account-Based Marketing Benefits

Google’s changing algorithms are not the only problematic area for B2B marketers as of late. Previous research suggests that many are still finding it difficult to leverage the benefits of account-based marketing (ABM).

DemandGen published the results of its “2022 Marketing Measurement & Attribution Survey,” and data indicated that most B2B marketers (58%) are struggling to tie anonymous account engagement to known stakeholders. Furthermore, 52% are being challenged by “messy” customer relationship management data, and 42% are unable to integrate data across their platforms.

“While marketers are making some strides in areas like attribution analysis and gathering deeper engagement metrics to power their ABM programs, many still struggle to connect siloed data and track activity across the entire buyer’s journey,” state the researchers who conducted the survey.


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