Report: B2B Marketers Underutilizing Variety of Marketing Technologies

According to a recent report from Informatica, B2B marketers’ heavy focus on email marketing and social media could be causing them to miss out on other beneficial technologies.

The data shows that 89 percent of surveyed B2B marketers are leveraging email marketing and another 70 percent are active on social media. However, testing and optimization (31 percent), content management (55 percent), search marketing (52 percent), marketing automation (49 percent), testing and optimization (31 percent) and data management technologies (37 percent) all lag behind.

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According to the authors of the report, “data management technologies enable you to use data more effectively, giving you the power to do more of what works and less of what doesn’t.”

However, reported budget increases could indicate this trend is beginning to change. The data shows that 46 percent of the respondents expect to marginally increase their marketing technology budget in the near future and 19 percent expect it to significantly increase.

When devoting more budget towards marketing technologies, B2B marketers are looking to support several key strategic objectives. Increasing the number of leads generated (56 percent), increasing sales revenue (53 percent) and increasing conversion rates (46 percent) top the list.

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B2B Marketers Identify Most Critical Technologies to Success

Recent data released by TechValidate and the Spear Marketing Group shows B2B marketers are now focusing on content marketing above all other marketing technologies, with 86 percent marking it as their top technology. SEO (70 percent), CRM (68 percent) and marketing automation (62 percent) technologies round out the top four.

Within content strategies, blog posts (76 percent), white papers (69 percent) and webinars (61 percent) are proven to be the most valuable assets.

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