Report: CMOs See Value in Brand Experience for Marketing Success

Marketers are already aware of the importance of crafting unique customer experiences, and brand experience is becoming a critical part of their strategies.

The “Brand Experience: A New Era in Marketing” report from Freeman recently discovered that 59 percent of CMOs recognize brand experience for its ability to create lasting relationships with target audiences. Fifty-eight percent believe brand experience is effective for growth in brand advocacy as well.

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As their attention turns to this aspect of marketing, one-in-three CMOs say they intend to set aside between 21 percent and 50 percent of their budget for brand experience. About 28 percent of B2B marketing executives, in particular, said they would do the same.

At the moment, the majority of CMOs (58 percent) said they drive brand experience through their website. Fifty-seven percent said they use social media, while 51 percent cited email marketing.

Marketers Unifying for Brand Experience

One year ago, research suggested that marketers were still struggling to get on the same page about the brand experience.

The “Brand Experience Survey 2016” from Brandworkz and CIM found that just 53 percent of marketers believed internal-external brand alignment was present in their workplace. While three-quarters of marketers thought that their company cared about what customers thought of their business, only 17 percent enabled employees to seek ways to improve the customer experience.

Two-thirds of respondents said that teams outside of their marketing department had limited clarity into the role of delivering a positive brand experience. Only six percent said that they were using brand management software.

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