Report: Customers Yearn for More Personalized Marketing Content

As marketers begin to further personalize their content, new research indicates that customers are becoming more receptive to advertising as a result.

The “Communication Planning in a Disrupted World” report from Kantar Media found that 68 percent of today’s connected customers either “like” or “tolerate” advertising. About 59 percent of heavy users of online media believe that it has also changed for the better.

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In terms of personalization, the majority (55 percent) stated that ads that are specifically tailored to them are more interesting than other marketing content, and 40 percent believe that advertisements should be specifically tailored to them.

“Most of those questioned find tailored advertising more interesting than the average ad, and say that a more personalized approach makes them more interested in the brand being advertised,” the researchers wrote in the report.

Approximately 40 percent of respondents said that as of late, they have seen an increasing amount of relevant marketing online. Sixty-four percent claimed that they prefer to see ads that are relevant to their interests.

Content Marketing Personalization and Customer Relationships

Marketers have already been keen to their customers’ preferences for personalized content, according to previous research.

The “2017 Trends in Personalization” report from Evergage discovered that 88 percent of marketers believe their customers have come to expect a more personalized experience. Approximately 96 percent agree that personalization can advance customer relationships.

However, the research also suggested that marketers are still working to optimize their personalization strategies. Fifty-five percent of respondents said that on average, they aren’t getting personalization right. Seventy-three percent believe that personalization should be a larger priority at their company.

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