Report: CX Remains a Priority for Marketers, But Many Only ‘Somewhat Satisfied’ with Results

Many marketers have already made it a priority to provide an excellent customer experience, but according to new research, not all of them are satisfied with the results of their efforts thus far.

Pointillist recently published the “2019 State of Customer Journey Management and CX Measurement” report, and statistics showed that most marketers (87 percent) claim exceptional customer experience is “very” or “extremely important” to their organization today. However, the majority of marketers (50 percent) only said that they were “somewhat satisfied” with their organization’s overall CX performance and the outcomes of their CX investments.


Just 24 percent of respondents were able to say that they were “very” or “extremely satisfied” with their organization’s overall CX performance and the outcomes of their CX investments, while 26 percent said they were “not at all” or “not so satisfied.”

A lack of budget or resources to take action, executing/implementing effective solutions, and lacking data to quantify the impact of CX initiatives were named the top obstacles to resolving CX issues.

Data Quality and the Customer Experience

A lack of accurate, valuable data has also proven to be problematic for marketers looking to provide a positive customer experience, according to previous research.

Experian conducted the “2019 Global Data Management Research: Taking Control in the Digital Age” report and found that 30 percent of marketers state that poor data quality is holding them back from delivering excellent customer experience.

Approximately 30 percent of respondents also claimed that legacy systems or a lack of new technology is proving to be an obstacle.

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