Report: Despite ‘Cloudy’ Outlook, Marketers Remain Dedicated to Content Marketing

Not all marketers have a positive outlook on the future of content marketing, but new research shows that more of them are going to be committed to this tactic in the coming years.

The Association of National Advertising and The Content Council recently teamed up to publish the “Growth and Opportunities in Content Marketing” report, and statistics showed that the majority of marketers (40%) have a “cloudy” outlook on content marketing for the next 12 months. This indicates that respondents still recognize room for improvement to make content marketing work effectively.


That being said, most marketers (78%) said they will have a “strong” commitment to content marketing two years from now. The majority of marketers (52%) said that they already have a “strong” commitment to it.

Currently, marketers are spending an average of $15.4 million on content marketing. Two years from now, this is projected to increase to $21.9 million.

Content Marketing Success and Asset Management

Content marketing can be challenging without a digital asset management (DAM) strategy in place, and previous research indicates that those who have one are finding more success.

A report titled, “State of Digital Asset Management,” was recently released by Brandfolder and Demand Metric. It revealed that 51% of marketers waste money producing or recreating assets that go unused because people don’t know they exist or can’t find them. That being said, content marketers who have integrated a DAM platform spend 34% less time each week managing their assets.

Overall, marketers who have a DAM platform intact spend 28% less time each week searching for assets for content marketing purposes.

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