Report: Digital Asset Management Remains Critical to Content Marketing Success

Digital asset management (DAM) is critical to content marketing, but new research suggests that many marketers have trouble hunting down their assets and leveraging them on a regular basis.

Brandfolder and Demand Metric recently published the “State of Digital Asset Management” report, and statistics showed that 51% of marketers waste money producing or recreating assets that go unused because people don’t know they exist or can’t find them. In addition, 46% waste time downloading and uploading assets into different tools.

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About 40% of marketers claim that they do not have a single source of truth, and find it difficult to locate digital assets. However, those who have a DAM platform in place are now spending 28% less time each week searching for assets, highlighting the benefits of having such a tool in place.

Content marketers who have integrated a DAM platform also spend 34% less time each week managing their assets.

The Rise of the eBook in Content Marketing

In terms of content assets, previous research suggests that the eBook is now rising above the rest, surpassing marketing content including guides and white papers.

NetLine conducted its “2020 State of B2B Content Consumption and Demand Report for Marketers,” and statistics suggested that the eBook was the top type of content requested for B2B content marketing. This was followed by the white paper, guide, eGuide, and tips and tricks guide.

The authors of the report note that eBooks can be utilized to present anything a company wants to feature, making them useful for both content marketers and their target audience.

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