Report: Enterprise Video Views on the Rise as Marketers Lean on This Form of Content

As more marketers turn to video to resonate with their target audience, new research suggests that customers and prospects are consuming more video content than in past quarters.

Brightcove recently published the “Q2 2020 Global Video Index: Enterprise and Retail Edition” report, and statistics showed that enterprise video views on computers increased 66% during the second quarter of 2020. Furthermore, enterprise video views on smartphones leaped 216% in the same period.

“Operating systems for smartphones had a big impact on completion rates,” wrote the authors of the report. “Users were more likely to complete content on iPhones than on Android-based phones. On average, content watched on iPhones saw rates about 19% higher than Android smartphones.”

Overall, enterprise video views rose 93% in the second quarter. In the month of June alone, the percentage of enterprise video views increased 145%.

Finding Success with Video Content Marketing

In terms of finding success with video content, previous research suggests that the length of videos may be the difference between a low or high average completion rate.

Extreme Reach conducted its “2019 Q4 and Full Year Video Benchmarks” report, and data indicated that the average video completion rate (VCR) in the fourth quarter of last year was 88%. This was a slight dip from the 89% recorded in previous quarters of 2019.

However, video length appeared to play a role in the VCR. For instance, the average completion rates for 15-second videos in Q4 2019 was 89%, which was slightly more than six-second videos (87%) and 30-second videos (88%). The average completion rate for 15-second videos also steadily rose throughout the year, suggesting that it may be the “sweet spot” for video content marketers.

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