Report: Design Consistency is Key to Email Marketing Success

Email marketing continues to be a popular tactic among marketers, but what is the difference between those who send responsive and non-responsive messages? As new data indicates, consistency may be the best approach.

Yes Lifecycle Marketing recently published the “Q4 Email Benchmark Report: A Marketer’s Guide to 2018” to better understand the types of emails that yield the best results for marketers. According to the statistics, those who primarily send responsive design emails that adapt based on the device being used have a 15 percent open rate. Marketers who send emails with a non-responsive design have an open rate of 14.9 percent, while those who send a mix see the lowest open rate – 13.5 percent.

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“Remarkably, marketers who send a mix of responsive and non-responsive messages generate the lowest overall open rates which implies that a consistent experience is key to capturing and maintaining subscribers’ attention,” wrote the authors of the report.

Marketers who sent mainly responsive emails had the highest unique click rate at 1.4 percent.

Personalization as an Email Marketing Tactic

Previous research suggests that marketers who personalize their emails may be in a better position to see a rise in open and click rates.

In the “Return on Email Personalization” white paper from OneSpot and The Relevancy Group, data showed that marketers saw an increase in click-through rates and open rates for their emails in the second quarter of 2017, compared to the same quarter of 2016.

About 78 percent of the respondents claimed that they were using email recipients’ first names in their email marketing campaigns. About 59 percent were personalizing emails based on real-time data, and 48 percent were using human-curated product personalization in their emails.

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