Report: High-Performing B2B Marketers Gaining an Edge by Leveraging Data

Not all B2B marketers have discovered how to effectively leverage account-based data, but new research suggests that high performers, in particular, are making strides in this area.

MRP recently published its “State of ABM Maturity” report, and statistics indicated that 43% of high performers — those who choose a more mature approach for each element of their marketing program 100% of the time — are 2.5 times more likely to leverage advanced data sources, compared to their counterparts. Additionally, 62% of high performers organize account-based data from contact-based systems, and can append data for deeper insights and more accurate reporting.

“The real secret to getting the most out of intent data lies in how first party data can support a 3rd party data strategy to drive additional opportunities,” wrote the authors of the report. “By utilizing a combined approach, you get full visibility into current prospects and customers and how they engage with a brand across your own channels – as well as insight into whether those accounts are actually in active research cycles for the products and services inferred.”

Account-Based Marketing As Top Priority

As more B2B marketers reap the benefits of account-based marketing, previous research suggests that it may be the result of making it a top priority.

Demand Gen conducted “The 2021 Demand Generation Benchmark Study,” and data showed that most B2B marketers (61%) have increased budget prioritization for account-based marketing over the past 12 months. Additional areas of focus have been content marketing (60%), sales enablement (48%) and personalization/customization (43%).

Webinars (53%) have notably been the most successful tactic for B2B marketers looking to generate more qualified leads.

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