Report: High-Tech Marketers Turn to ABM to Meet Rising Customer Demands

New research suggests that marketers in the high-tech industry are facing more obstacles when it comes to meeting customer expectations.

Adobe and Ovum recently published the “Digital Marketing in the High-Tech Industry” white paper, taking a closer look at how high-tech industry marketers are adhering to customer demands. Their research showed that 24 percent of high-tech businesses are unable to keep pace with changing customer expectations.

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About half of the companies that offer internet services feel that customers are now expecting more from them than they can deliver. Twenty-two percent of software provider companies said the same, while 20 percent of professional/IT services businesses faced similar struggles.

Account-based marketing was the top choice when marketers were asked about the digital marketing areas they plan to invest in over the next 18-24 months. Roughly one-quarter (26 percent) of respondents named it as one of their top three choices for focus. Investment in a content management system and campaign management tools were a close second and third.

The Shift Toward Account-Based Marketing

As high-tech marketers turn to ABM, agency-based marketers continue to deploy this tactic in an effort to generate ROI.

Demandbase surveyed 400 agency marketers earlier in 2017 to gauge their use of ABM. At the time, 66 percent claimed they were already utilizing ABM. Out of those who had yet to use it, 70 percent claimed they intended to do so in the near future for customer work.

Approximately 81 percent of respondents claimed that their business was in a position to hire a professional with ABM experience within the next 12 months.

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