Report: Instagram Usage Rising Among B2B Marketers Focused on Social Media

As B2B marketers look toward social media to reach their primary objectives, new research suggests that Instagram and YouTube are growing in popularity among the list of top channels.

SageFrog recently published its “2021 B2B Marketing Mix Report,” and statistics showed that among the most used social media channels, LinkedIn leads the way with 86% of respondents citing this outlet as a part of their social media strategy. That being said, Instagram use rose nearly 30% from last year to 60%, suggesting that more B2B marketers are leveraging this platform.

In addition, YouTube also jumped by 20% to 56%, indicating that video content is becoming more important to B2B marketers and their customers.

“In a world where Zoom and video conferencing are now the norm, it makes sense that companies who were slow to adopt video marketing now see it as a valuable and easy-to-implement tool,” wrote the researchers behind the report.

Facebook’s Dominance Among Social Media Marketers

Despite the fact that Instagram and YouTube are growing in popularity among B2B marketers, previous research indicates that Facebook still leads the way for marketers across the board.

Rival IQ conducted its “Social Media Industry Benchmark Report,” and data showed that across all industries, marketers post an average of 5.5 posts per week on Facebook. This surpassed both Instagram (4.0 posts) and Twitter (4.4 posts), suggesting that many are still turning to this familiar channel.

“Social media success is about so much more than getting the most comments or likes: it’s about increasing engagement while also growing or maintaining the percentage of your audience that engages as you expand your audience,” wrote the researchers of the report.

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