Report: Intent Data is Helping Marketers Boost Company Revenue

While some marketers have access to data that helps them convert prospects into customers, new research indicates that those who do not are seeing less success.

Anteriad recently partnered with Ascend2 to publish “The 2023 Marketing Data Impact Report,” which analyzed the differences between “Data Heroes” — marketers who are using the right data to convert audiences — and their counterparts. Statistics suggested that last year, 43% of Data Heroes saw the revenue at their organization increase significantly compared to the prior year. This is compared to just 13% of all other marketers who said the same.

To achieve their goals, Data Heroes are turning to intent data to gauge the purchasing interests of customers and prospects. Approximately 40% of Data Heroes expect their use of intent data to increase significantly throughout the remainder of the year. Just 7% of all other marketers said that this would be the case.

“Building, targeting, and converting audiences depends on having reliable data,” wrote the authors of the report. “Having accurate data and using different types of data to understand your audience, like intent data, gives you the path to your next sale.”

The Benefits of Intent Data for Go-To-Market Strategies

Although many marketers are just beginning to leverage intent data, previous research has already indicated that it is proving to be beneficial for go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

Intentsify conducted “The State of Intent Data for Go-To-Market Teams” in collaboration with Ascend2, and statistics suggested that 48% of B2B marketers who have a “very successful” GTM strategy utilize intent data. Only 17% of their counterparts who are not using intent data said the same about their GTM strategy.

Many marketers are facing challenges when it comes to utilizing intent data. The primary obstacle cited by most respondents (42%) was simply developing a strategy to effectively use this data.

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