Report: Leading B2B Marketers More Likely to Set CX Accountability Practices

As it turns out, leaders in B2B marketing are more likely to execute a wide array of customer experience (CX) accountability practices than their counterparts, according to new research.

Medallia recently published the “Setting the Standard for CX in B2B” report, and statistics showed that 58% of B2B marketing leaders are more likely to share feedback with employees who are responsible for acting on specific customer comments or concerns, compared to just 16% of their counterparts. Nearly 91% are more inclined to listen to input from their fellow employees as a way to understand and improve the customer experience, compared to only 62% of their counterparts.


Interestingly, 82% of B2B marketing leaders also have formal communication strategies to drive understanding of customer feedback and to communicate results and successes. This is compared to 45% of all other marketers.

“Delivering consistently excellent customer experiences to B2B clients requires careful planning, coordination, and commitment,” wrote the authors of the report.

Budget and Its Role in Delivering an Impactful CX

Strategizing with CX in mind is not the only factor that plays a role in overall B2B marketing success. Previous research suggests that budget is also often a variable that marketers have to take into account.

Merkle conducted its “Customer Engagement Report” for Q4 2019 and found that 86% of marketers had a defined budget in place to execute personalized messaging. Nearly 82 percent had toolsets to prioritize and coordinate CX across channels.

On top of that, 89% had an organizational structure to execute a personalized multi-channel marketing plan in place.

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