Report: Location Targeting Critical Component of Today’s Mobile Marketing Campaigns

A recent study conducted by xAd found that more than three-quarters of today’s mobile marketing campaigns employ location targeting, with the ads also focusing on user’s search behavior and interests.

Using location to optimize mobile ad campaigns is done for several reasons, according to the results. It’s primarily used to target a specific audience, but to also engage customers near the advertiser’s business:

2015 Global Location Snapshot

Setbacks With Location Targeting in Mobile Campaigns

Out of those surveyed who weren’t using location targeting in their mobile advertising campaigns, many found the following issues, in order:

  1. Inability to measure success
  2. Not enough education around location targeting benefits and use
  3. Poor campaign performance
  4. Data inaccuracy
  5. Unavailable location-verified ad inventory

However, these setbacks don’t seem to be preventing marketers and agencies from attempting mobile and location-based advertising. xAd found that all the major world regions were expected to see an increase in advertising over the next year. Participants reported that they were planning on increasing ad spend most in Latin America, with the Asia Pacific coming in second. North America and Western Europe came in third and fourth, respectively.

Mobile and location-based spend will continue to grow

Other key findings from the 2015 Global Location Snapshot include:

  1. Mobile is a priority for marketers around the globe: More than half of both ad agency leaders and marketing decision maker’s view mobile marketing as a significant priority.
  2. Measurement is perceived as mobile’s limiting factor: 3 in 10 marketers worldwide said the inability to measure success was their top concern with mobile location advertising.
  3. Retail dominates globally, additional category popularity varies by region: Across all four regions, retail is one of the top three industries for location-based targeting, which drives significant results in store visits and sales.

To download the PDF version of the 2015 Global Location Snapshot report, visit xAd’s landing page.

Images via screenshots of report taken July 2015

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