Report: Majority of Marketers Set to Increase Real-Time Marketing Budgets

According to the “2015 Wayin Real-Time Marketing Report,” real-time marketing (RTM) is a viable and growing marketing strategy. In fact, the majority (59 percent) of surveyed marketing executives are set to increase their budgets in the year ahead.

According to TrackMaven:

“Real Time Marketing is marketing that is based on up to date events. Instead of creating a marketing plan in advance and executing it according to a fixed schedule, real time marketing is creating a strategy focused on current, relevant trends and immediate feedback from customers. The goal of real time marketing is to connect consumers with the product or service that they need now, in the moment.”

The data shows real-time marketing’s impact among adopters has been positive and it can be tied directly to key business goals.  Almost all (98 percent) of the survey participants that are already implementing RTM report a positive impact to revenue, and 89 percent can tie their RTM campaigns to overall goals for their business.

59 Percent of Marketers to Increase Real-Time Marketing Budgets

How Businesses Are Using Real-Time Marketing

The report asked respondents why and how they are using real-time marketing, and the results were quite mixed, with RTM being used in a few different areas:

  • 56 percent are using it to form customer relationships
  • 55 percent are promoting events
  • 51 percent are complementing existing content
  • 49 percent are using it to increase their reach and engagement on social media

Some of the other reasons are included in the graph below:

59 Percent of Marketers to Increase Real-Time Marketing Budgets

Challenges in Real-Time Marketing

Some of the challenges that survey participants reported were budget/resources, lack of quick response by staff, lack of proper tools, and lack of knowledge:

59 Percent of Marketers to Increase Real-Time Marketing Budgets

To learn more about the study, visit the Wayin PDF download page.

All images are screenshots taken from the report, August 2015

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