Report: Many Marketers Still Lack Documented Content Strategies

Although many marketers are now taking a strategic approach to content, new research shows that not all of them have done so just yet, and there are a variety of obstacles holding them back.

The Content Marketing Institute recently conducted the “2021 Content Management and Strategy Survey,” and statistics showed that 78% of marketers have a strategic approach to managing content. However, just 53% claimed that they have a documented content management strategy in place that they can turn to for reference.

In terms of the reasons why marketers don’t take a strategic approach to managing content, the majority (68%) cite a lack of processes. About 61% claim that leadership hasn’t made it a priority, while 47% said that they do now have the financial investment in resources.

Content Marketing Strategies and Tech Marketers

Not all marketers, however, are struggling in this area. Previous research indicates that tech marketers, in particular, are excelling in content marketing as a result of having a strategy in place.

The Content Marketing Institute, MarketingProfs and IDG published the “Technology Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” report, and data showed that 41% of technology marketers now have a documented content strategy intact. About 46% stated that their organization’s content marketing is sophisticated/mature in nature.

Although these percentages are not overwhelmingly large, 39% said that their content marketing team is increasing in size, suggesting that some companies are expanding in this area.

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