Report: Marketers and Sales Reps Still Facing ABM Challenges

Although sales representatives and marketers are seeing similar success via account-based marketing (ABM), new research indicates that there are still several challenges in this area.

Conversica recently published its “2021 State of Account-Based Marketing Report,” and data indicated that marketers and sales reps are relatively on the same page about the potential of ABM. Approximately 87% of respondents said they believe in ABM’s ability to convert more pipeline, and 86% believe in its ability to help close deals. Nearly 83% believe in ABM’s ability to deliver intent data that sales reps can leverage as well.

However, most respondents (37%) cited “insufficient experience” as the reason why their company is not using ABM to its maximum effectiveness. About 33% placed blame on insufficient staffing, and 30% claimed there is still a lack of cooperation between sales and marketing teams.

Finding B2B Marketing Success with ABM

Despite the challenges associated with pitfalls between sales and marketing teams, previous research suggests that B2B marketers, in particular, are still making strides with ABM.

Demand Gen conducted “The 2021 Demand Generation Benchmark Study,” and statistics showed that most B2B marketers (61%) have seen increased budget prioritization toward ABM over the past 12 months. This is followed by content marketing (60%), sales enablement (48%), and personalization/customization (43%).

In regards to engagement, webinars (53%) have yielded the best results for B2B marketers focused on generating qualified leads.

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