Report: Marketers are Failing to Personalize the Customer Experience with MarTech

Personalizing content through the use of MarTech has been shown to enhance the customer experience, but new research indicates that marketers are still missing the mark.

Acquia recently published the “Closing the CX Gap: Customer Experience Trends Report” and statistics showed that 68 percent of customer and 79 percent of marketers believe brands generally do not make customers feel like individuals. This is despite the fact that 87 percent of marketers say they are delivering engaging customer experiences through resources, such as MarTech.

About 60 percent of customers agree that businesses do not do a good job of using their personal preferences to predict their needs. In addition, 55 percent said that companies are “behind the times” when it comes to interacting with customers both offline and online.

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“The bar for customer experience has been raised,” said Lynne Capozzi, Acquia CMO. “Marketers have expanded to new channels and adapted new technology to keep pace with consumer expectations. Yet our research found that technology has become more of a barrier than an enabler for a great customer experience.”

Marketers Continue to Invest Heavily in MarTech

Despite the challenges associated with using MarTech to deliver a personalized customer experience, previous research indicates that marketers are still heavily investing in it.

Gartner published “The CMO Spend Survey 2018-2019” and found that MarTech now accounts for 29 percent of total marketing expenses. This is an increase from 22 percent recorded in 2017.

In addition, MarTech is now the single largest area of investment when it comes to marketing resources and programs.

“With other agencies, the tendency is to see a flurry of work initially, and then communication and accountability starts to fall off. Our KoMarketing account team is in contact with us almost daily – it’s like they’re sitting right here in our office. They’re truly an extension of our marketing team.”

Stephanie Weagle — Stephanie Weagle, VP of Marketing, Corero Network Security

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