Report: Marketers Failing to Align with Sales and Customer Success Teams

Marketing and sales team alignment has become critical to organizational success. However, new research suggests that many teams are still facing challenges when it comes to getting on the same page to achieve key objectives.

The Pedowitz Group recently partnered with Ascend2 to conduct “The RevOps Difference: How Revenue Operations Align Business Units to Drive Greater Revenue” report, and statistics indicated that just 36% of marketers believe the efforts, strategies, and goals of their marketing, sales and customer success teams are “fully aligned.” About 48% of marketers said they were “mostly aligned,” while 15% claimed that they were only “partially aligned.”

The majority of marketers (55%) stated that the primary benefit of aligning the efforts, strategies, and goals of these teams is an improvement in the customer experience. About 47% claimed that it was an improvement in conversion/success rate, while 38% said the largest benefit is improving the use of data.

Marketers Seek to Leverage Customer Data

As data becomes a larger component of marketing strategies, previous research indicates that more teams are investing in customer data platforms (CDP) to leverage it.

Tealium published its “2022 State of CDP” report, and statistics suggested that nearly 70% of marketers who have invested in a CDP saw a positive return-on-investment (ROI) within six months. Additionally, 96% claimed that they saw a full ROI within 12 months.

Nearly 59% of marketers stated that they originally invested in a CDP to enhance customer data privacy, while 54% did so to offer more personalized customer communication.

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