Report: Marketers Making Adjustments as Third-Party Cookies Fade Out

As marketers seek new ways to gather valuable data with the elimination of third-party cookies, new research suggests that many are turning to emerging technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI).

Loyalty Research recently partnered with Rep Data to publish the “A Cookieless World: The Shifting MarTech Landscape” report, and statistics indicated that, on average, marketing leaders are making at least five changes to their technology stack as third-party cookies are phased out. B2B marketers, in particular, are focusing on making advances in their customer data and account-based marketing platforms.

Approximately 83% of B2B marketers are also introducing new use cases for AI, while 70% are implementing a customer data platform for the first time. About 64% are implementing an account-based marketing platforms for the first time as well. In general, 77% of B2B marketers are focused on improving data quality across their customer list.

Refining the Marketing Data Collection Process

Without high quality data, previous research indicates that many marketers are unable to provide an optimal customer experience.

Experian released the results of its survey examining global trends in data management, and statistics suggested that most organizations (52%) are continuing to make the customer experience a top priority. However, they require more accurate data to connect and resonate with their customers.

Approximately 39% of respondents stated that poor quality data negative impacts the customer experience. In turn, 97% of organizations now have plans to make their data management programs more flexible and agile within the next 12 months.

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