Report: Marketers May Benefit from Using More Targeted Videos

When it comes to video marketing, content and context are primary drivers of creative effectiveness and success, according to researchers. A report published by Millward Brown titled, “AdReaction: Video Creative in a Digital World,” recently discovered that 41 percent of buyers are most receptive to ads that target their interests.

Additionally, buyers are more likely to be receptive to videos that are not marketed as advertisements. For example, 64 percent viewed tutorial videos positively, while 55 percent said the same about expert review videos. Forty-one percent claimed that they see website videos in a positive light.

Researchers found that where buyers watch videos has an impact on marketing success as well. In general, buyers feel that they have more control over digital ads versus traditional ads, and 63 percent stated that they feel the most control on their laptops. About 49 percent admitted that they view smartphone video ads negatively.

To win over buyers, the report identified a few key factors that could help marketers. Thirty-seven percent of respondents are likely to pay attention to ads, rather than skip them, if they are funny or humorous, while an additional 30 percent of respondents said they will view a video if it’s based on one of their categories of interest. Twenty-nine percent claimed they would watch it if it gave them something in return, and the same percentage stated that they would stick with it they liked the brand.

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Marketers Find New Paths to Success with Video

Despite the numerous challenges that can stand in the way of video marketing success, previous research indicates that marketers are sticking with this form of content. A survey released by Ascend2 titled, “Video Marketing Strategy,” in September 2015 revealed that 87 percent of marketers are seeing an increase in video marketing effectiveness. Furthermore, about half of these individuals claimed that the rise in effectiveness has been “significant.”

Customer testimonials (51 percent), tutorial videos (50 percent), and demonstration videos (49 percent) have had the biggest impact for marketers.

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