Report: Marketers Now Leveraging Video Marketing to Resolve Pain Points

When it comes to video content, new research indicates that marketing departments are leaning on these assets the most to build more brand awareness.

Vidico recently published the “State of Video Marketing 2022” report, and statistics suggested that 38% of product marketers, 24% of content marketers, 19% of social media marketers, and 12% of performance marketers now rely on video. Overall, it’s the marketing department that leverages video marketing the most, followed by the product team.

Most respondents (30%) claimed that video marketing solves their customer acquisition problems, while 24% pointed to product experience. Nearly 20% says video marketing helps them build awareness and visibility.

YouTube (63%) is still the best platform for video hosting, according to the majority of respondents. This was followed by Facebook (62%) and Instagram (51%).

Shifting Video Content to Social Media Platforms

YouTube is still at the top of the list for hosting video content, but previous research suggests that social media platforms are expected to grow in usage.

Vidyard conducted its “2022 Video in Business Benchmark Report,” and data indicated that social media marketing (63%) has become the top distribution channel for video content, followed by organization websites (63%). Nearly 47% of respondents stated that they still distribute video content via landing pages, and the same percentage do so via marketing emails.

Marketing teams specifically ranked social media as their top channel for video distribution. At the time of the report, YouTube followed slightly behind social media.

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