Report: Marketers Now Seeing Increased Exposure, Traffic and Leads from Social Media Marketing

As marketers look for new ways to help their businesses stand out from the competition, new research continues to suggest that social media marketing is helping them lead the charge.

Social Media Examiner recently published the “2019 Social Media Marketing Industry Report,” and statistics showed that increased exposure (93 percent), increased traffic (87 percent) and generated leads (74 percent) are the top benefits of utilizing social media.

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Furthermore, the number of marketers who are seeing these benefits has increased compared to 12 months ago. For example, just 87 percent of marketers said that they receive more exposure via social media last year, compared to the 93 percent who said the same in the most recent report.

At this time last year, only 78 percent of marketers said they were seeing increased traffic (compared to 87 percent this year) and just 64 percent were seeing generated leads (compared to 74 percent this year). These statistics suggest that social media is continuing to pay off for marketers who integrate it into their strategies.

Marketers are Now Willing to Spend More on Social

As social media marketing continues to yield positive results, previous research shows that marketers are willing to dedicate more of their budgets to this tactic.

Social Media Today published the “Social Spending Survey” to closely examine how marketers are investing in social media channels, and 68 percent of marketers said they intend to spend more on social media ads in 2019 than they did in the past.

In terms of channels, 74 percent of marketers stated that they will increase their investment in Instagram, while 60 percent cited Facebook.

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