Report: Marketers Remain in the Early Stages of Engaging Digital Customers

A new report suggests that as marketers look to reach out to digital customers, they are seeing a wide range of results.

The “Connected Interaction to Power Brand Attraction” report from the CMO Council has found that more than one-third of marketers (38 percent) are seeing mixed results in terms of connecting with their digital clients and achieving their goals. They claim that some programs and campaigns have yielded results, while others have not.

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About 34 percent of marketers stated that they are still testing and learning how to manage the digital experience for their clients. Nearly 11 percent are meeting their expectations and achieving set goals, while just seven percent are exceeding expectations.

“When you consider how dependent marketers have become on digital channels and how heavily marketers plan on allocating toward engagements and channels throughout 2016, these mixed goals are troubling, at best,” wrote the authors of the report.

Looking ahead to 2017, nearly half of marketers (42 percent) said that they want to better link their campaigns to a comprehensive, connected experience that drives engagement throughout the engagement lifecycle itself.

Investing in Marketing Resources for 2017

Research indicates that marketers are interested in investing in a wide array of resources to achieve their goals in 2017.

The “2016 American Marketers Survey” report from the New York American Marketing Association, BrandSpark and Dapresy revealed that 50 percent of marketers intend to spend more money on video within the next 12 months, while 49 percent will allocate more of their budget to social network advertising. Approximately 44 percent said that they will be increasing their investment in CRM/email marketing.

“Respondents believe that marketing is more important than ever before, and adopting new technologies effectively is a must to stay competitive,” said Lukas Pospichal, managing director at GreenBook and the New York AMA.

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Melissa Sopwith — Melissa Sopwith, Marketing Manager, Guidon Performance Solutions, a Teletech Company

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