Report: Marketers Remain Focused on Personalizing the Customer Experience in 2020

Marketers are still focused on developing a personalized customer experience, according to new research, and statistics show that they are measuring the effectiveness of their communication efforts by engagement.

Merkle recently published its “2020 Customer Engagement Report” for the first quarter of 2020, and statistics showed that 88% of marketers have moved from traditional campaign activities to more omni-channel strategies, in part to further engage customers and personalize the overall customer experience. As a result, about 84% of marketers now have high visibility into customer journeys in digital channels – but how are they measuring their success?


The majority of respondents (71%) stated that they are gauging the effectiveness of customer communications by looking at engagement levels. This is compared to 59% who said they are examining absolute conversions/sales, and 55% who claimed they use customer retention rate to measure effectiveness.

Marketers’ Focus on the Customer Experience

Enhancing the customer experience through personalization has been a goal for marketers heading into 2020, according to previous research.

When Adobe released its “2020 Digital Trends” report, statistics suggested that 25% of customer experience (CX) leaders and 23% of mainstream marketers were going to be focused on targeting and personalization in 2020. Nearly 20% of CX leaders and 27% of mainstream marketers also claimed that customer journey management would be a top priority at their company this year.

Nearly 36% of CX leaders stated that they had already incorporated delivering personalized customer experience in real-time into their business, and 38% of large organizations said the same.

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