Report: Marketers See Go-To-Market Strategy Success When Using Intent Data

Intent data can provide valuable customer insight to marketers. However, new research suggests that many are still not leveraging this data, and it is hindering the success of their go-to-market (GTM) strategies.

Intentsify recently published “The State of Intent Data for Go-To-Market Teams” report in partnership with Ascend2, and statistics indicated that 48% of B2B marketers who consider their GTM strategy to be “very successful” use intent data. This is compared to just 17% of their counterparts who are not leveraging intent data.

Some marketers are still not utilizing this data due to challenges associated with improving their GTM efforts with it. The majority of respondents (42%) claimed that simply creating a strategy to use intent data was their top challenge, followed by measuring the impact of intent data (35%). Other challenges include converting data to insights efficiently (33%) and verifying the validity of intent signals/insights (28%).

Marketers Hope to See Improvements in Data Quality

Marketers’ confidence in the data that their company collects has wavered as of late, according to previous research. However, this has not dampened their confidence in their leaders’ dedication to improving data quality.

Ascend2 released its “Outlook on Marketing Data Quality” report, and statistics suggested that most marketers (60%) are only “somewhat confident” in their organization’s ability to improve business outcomes with its current data. That being said, the majority of respondents (49%) said that they believe their leadership team is “fully” committed to the improvement in marketing data quality.

In order to find success in this area, most respondents (44%) believe that ensuring data security will be critical. Nearly 39% think it will be most important to acquire data from multiple sources.

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