Report: Marketers Still Challenged to Deliver an Optimal Customer Experience

Although marketers are continuing to make the customer experience (CX) a top priority, new research indicates that they are still facing challenges when it comes to delivering in this area.

Qualtrics XM Institute recently published its “2022 State of CX Management” report, and statistics suggested that 46% of respondents make CX a significant priority, while 23% consider it to be a critical priority. However, marketers are still facing numerous obstacles when it comes to achieving success with CX.

About 69% of CX leaders cite other competing organizational priorities as their top challenge. Fifty-one percent pointed to poor integration across systems, and 39% said they were facing technology limitations. Nearly 24% also cited insufficient funding.

However, it is worth noting that 33% of respondents claimed that their CX strategy is still in the early stage of maturity. Only 2% said that their CX strategy was at its full potential.

Leveraging Marketing Data for Customer Experience

As marketers look to focus more on providing an optimal CX, previous research suggests that a lack of technology and resources has been a challenge.

Precisely partnered with Corinium to conduct the “How Data is Driving Next-Generation Customer Experiences” report, and data indicated that only 37% of marketers have well-developed enterprise data architecture in place to provide high-quality CX. Most respondents (53%) are still developing capabilities and trying out new technology to offer data-driven CX.

About 10% claimed that they cannot make use of their data to enhance CX. The majority of marketers (48%) said that the data they have is not accessible, and 45% lack relevant current data.

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