Report: Marketers Still Lack Resources to Provide an Optimal Customer Experience

Marketers focused on the customer experience (CX) have several objectives, ranging from generating cost savings to improving acquisition and conversion rates. However, new research suggests that they are struggling to leverage data to achieve their goals.

Precisely recently teamed up with Corinium to publish its “How Data is Driving Next-Generation Customer Experiences” report, and statistics suggested that only 37% of marketers have well-developed enterprise data architecture in place to deliver high-quality CX. The majority of respondents (53%) are still developing capabilities and experimenting with technologies to provide data-driven CX, while 10% cannot make use of their data to enhance CX.

Most marketers (48%) claim that the data they have is not accessible, while 45% say that they lack relevant current data. Approximately 41% state that there is insufficient investment in CX at their organization.

The Rising Importance of Defined CX Strategies

While data access remains a challenge for many marketers, previous research indicates that a lack of CX strategy has also proven to be problematic.

Forbes Insights partnered with Glassbox to conduct “The Leading Edge of Digital Customer Experience” report, and data suggested that only 38% have completely defined goals and strategies in place for digital CX. This is despite 84% of executives agreeing that excellence in CX is critical to their organization’s survival.

Just 38% of respondents stated that they have a fully optimized customer experience. Furthermore, only 34% claimed that their digital experiences are personalized to provide an optimized CX.

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