Report: Marketers Still Posting More on Facebook Above All Other Platforms

Although marketers have explored a wide array of social media channels, new research suggests that they are still doing most of their posting on Facebook, above all else.

Rival IQ recently published its “Social Media Industry Benchmark Report,” and statistics showed that across all industries, marketers post an average of 5.5 posts per week on Facebook. This surpassed both Instagram (4.0 posts) and Twitter (4.4), indicating that most marketers are still turning to this familiar platform frequently.

“Social media success is about so much more than getting the most comments or likes: it’s about increasing engagement while also growing or maintaining the percentage of your audience that engages as you expand your audience,” wrote the authors of the report.

Seeking New Opportunities in Social Media Marketing

Despite the familiarity with Facebook, previous research indicates that marketers are not hesitant to begin exploring other platforms for social media marketing, specifically Instagram.

HootSuite recently conducted its “Social Trends 2021” survey, and the results showed that most marketers (61%), intend on increasing their investment in Instagram over the course of this year. This was followed by Facebook (46%), YouTube (45%) and LinkedIn (44%).

Despite the growing interest in Instagram, Facebook is still by and large the most effective platform in terms of achieving business goals, according to 78% of the respondents. Instagram (70%), LinkedIn (42%) and Twitter (33%) all trailed Facebook in this respect.

“With overall marketing budgets trimmed in 2021, it’s no surprise that marketers are focusing on familiar favorites, rather than experimenting with newer tactics and platforms,” wrote the researchers behind the survey.

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— Katie Meurin, SEO Manager at Southern New Hampshire University

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