Report: Marketers Still See Room for Improvement with Data and Analytics

Even though data and analytics are continuing to grow in importance to marketers, new research suggests that many still see room for improvement in this area.

Salesforce recently published the third edition of its “Marketing Intelligence Report,” and statistics indicated that only 26% of marketers believe their organization has exceeded expectations when it comes to harnessing accurate, validated data. Furthermore, just 27% stated that their organization has exceeded expectations in terms of providing real-time data access.

In general, only 45% of marketers stated that they currently have established data preparation processes, and just 48% have technology dedicated to analytics. Approximately 46% have cross-channel data integration in place, but 43% intend to develop it in the future. Additionally, 44% say they are going to create data preparation processes in time.

Pivoting to Resolve Marketing Data Pitfalls

Poor data quality and processes can have a widespread impact across the marketing department, and previous research suggests that it can directly affect the customer experience.

Experian released the results of a survey detailing global trends in data management, and statistics suggested that most organizations (52%) are still making the customer experience a top priority. However, 39% of respondents claim that poor data quality is negatively impacting this primary goal.

Additionally, 42% state that poor data quality has resulted in wasted resources and excessive costs. However, 97% of organizations now have plans in place to create a more flexible, agile data management program.

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