Report: Marketing Automation Incentives are Fueling Marketers’ Success

Marketers don’t always have incentives to use more automation to drive their activities, but those who do often see more benefits across the board, according to new research.

MIT Sloan Management and Google recently teamed up to conduct the “Improving Strategic Execution with Machine Learning” report and found that 82 percent of marketers with incentives to use marketing automation have functional KPIs that help them develop an integrated view of their target customers. This is compared to just 47 percent without incentives who said the same.

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Sixty-five percent of markers who have incentives to use marketing automation said they can easily drill down to see the underlying data and analytic components that are aggregated into their KPIs. This is compared to just 28 percent without incentives who said the same.

Marketers’ Success with Email Marketing Automation

While automation can help with many marketing tactics, such as email, not all marketers have implemented this methodology into their strategy.

GetResponse and SmartInsights published the “Email Marketing and Automation Excellence 2018” report, and statistics indicated that 28 percent of marketers consider themselves to be “basic” when it comes to email marketing automation. Just eight percent of respondents said that they use all email marketing automation features and optimize them to get the best results.

Despite these statistics, marketers still heavily lean toward email above all other tactics, thanks in part to its effectiveness. Three out of 10 marketers ranked their email marketing effectiveness as at least “good” and an additional 18 percent said it was “excellent.”

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