Report: Marketing Content Will Need to Accommodate Multiple Devices in 2016

Looking ahead to 2016, data indicates that marketers need to take online customers’ use of multiple screens into account. The “State of Content: Rules of Engagement for 2016” report from Adobe indicates that globally, online users leverage an average of five devices and 10 services.

Additionally, at any given moment, they utilize an average of 2.23 devices at the same time. This means that marketing content needs to be viewable on a wide range of technology.

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“Content marketers can’t attempt to ‘get away with’ a one-size-fits all approach to content distribution: content must be well-designed and optimized for each viewing device,” states Loni Stark, Adobe’s senior direct of Strategy and Product Marketing.

Additionally, length is playing a role in content engagement. About 41 percent claim that they will stop reading a piece of content altogether if it’s too long, and the same percentage said they would do so if it takes an extended period of time to load.

However, users are still interested in sharing engaging content. About 64 percent said they share content online. Furthermore, 63 percent trust content that comes from a friend or family member.

Digital Content Gains Trust

Research published earlier this year indicated that customers and prospects were already beginning to trust multiple sources of marketing content. The “2015 Edelman Trust Barometer” indicated that 64 percent of people trust online search engines for general news and information over traditional media (62 percent).

Furthermore, the general public is becoming more trusting of social media platforms. About 59 percent said that they now trust these networks, which is an 11 percent increase from the amount recorded in last year’s barometer.

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