Report: Marketing Leaders Finding Success By Prioritizing the Customer Experience

As personalization becomes more critical to customers, new research suggests that marketers who excel in this area leverage everything from data to content to satisfy their target audience.

Forrester recently released its “Personalization At Scale: Bring Forth The Customer And Business Benefits of Experience Excellence” report, which looked at how “Experience Leaders” — defined as those who consistently deliver more value to their customers through personalization — achieve success. Compared to those who are still learning to leverage personalization (“Evolving Intermediates”) and pointed solution-oriented marketers (“Rising Laggards”), Experience Leaders claim that improving the customer experience is the primary driver of their personalization strategy.

About 71% of Experience Leaders state that they have real-time access to omnichannel customer data to help with personalization. Furthermore, 75% aggregate data across their channels and business units into single customer profiles. In terms of content, 77% of Experience Leaders give their creative colleagues a single place to collaborate, develop content, and manage tasks in real-time.

Identifying Marketers’ Most Common Personalization Obstacles

While many marketers can see the advantages of personalization, previous research indicates that some simply lack the budget and resources to execute this type of strategy.

MoEngage partnered with ClickZ to conduct the “Future of Marketing: Why Personalization Matters” report, and data suggested that most respondents (64.2%) are still struggling with personalization due to a lack of budget and resources. Approximately 41.5% stated that they have a lack of visibility and actionable data, while 40.6% said they’re unable to move quickly to create personalized campaigns.

That being said, about 70% of respondents claimed that they are moderately satisfied with the quality of their company’s data.

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